DIY: How to Make a Nice Cheap White Backdrop

DIY Backdrop.jpg

If you've got a backdrop set up already, this won't help you out.  But for photographers who don't, or who don't want to buy one for occasional use, this is a great way to go.  You'll be shelling out a whopping five dollars for the setup and an additional 18 bucks for the paper background.

The mod comes from DIY Photography and it's pretty simple to set up, assuming that you've got a wall you don't mind mounting some brackets into.  You'll need a couple of brackets, a wooden beam, a few clamps and the backdrop itself.

One of the particularly cool things about this backdrop setup is that you're able to mount lights right onto the beam.

For the white background, the site suggests and $18 roll of wide HP printing paper.  "Those are 100 feet long and will serve as poor-man's seamless white."