DIY Flash Bounce Card - Cheap and Effective

Flash Bounce.jpg
There's a sort of a renewed do-it-yourself movement going on and photographers have been able to benefit greatly from it.  While cameras and lenses will always be something we need to buy at the store, a lot of the other things we use in every day shooting can be recreated simply, easily, and best of all, inexpensively.

The folks over at the Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group (LADIG) have created a template for a flash bounce that you can print out and attach to your camera.  A rubber band or some double sided tape is enough to hold it on, though you'll want to cut it out of card stock rather than paper so it will keep its shape.

One writer suggests that those DIYers that are feeling particularly ambitious could create the flash bounce card out of white and black vinyl cover stock. The template is a PDF and is available here.