Divvyshot Acquired by Facebook- Shutting Down Operations


Divvyshot is a social photography site with a unique approach to photography.  Or was, to be more precise.  Operations are winding down today thanks to a buyout by Facebook.

"We are excited to announce that we've received an offer we can't refuse," says the official notice on Divvyshot's site.  "We've reached an agreement with Facebook for them to acquire many of the company's assets. We will join the Facebook engineering team and focus on Facebook Photos."

If you're a Divvyshot user, consider this a six week warning.  In two weeks, you will no longer be able to create events.  In four, Divvyshot is putting a freeze on photo uploads.  At the six week mark, you'll be redirected to Facebook.

You've got six weeks to download any photos you need from the site.  The Divvyshot blog has details on how to grab them all as a Zip archive.

Divvyshot admits it's a move that won't be popular with everyone, but assures its users that Divvyshot style functionality would be hitting Facebook before too long.  "This is an opportunity to touch hundreds of millions of users with the best parts of our product."