Diver Found a GoPro in the Ocean... and Then Found its Owners.

jeff heim twitter found go pro.png
(Jeffrey Heim's original tweet)

On July 8th, Jeffrey Heim was diving near Caspersen Beach in Venice, Florida, scouring the bottom of the ocean for shark teeth when he found an old GoPro camera. It looked a little rough and when he took it out of the water he was shocked that it still turned on. In fact, it worked perfectly like it had been stored on a shelf. Jeffry started to rifle through the contents of the camera and, according to the GoPro log, the last photo on it was taken four years prior. Jeffrey wanted to try and find the owners, so, he tweeted about the lost camera and tagged GoPro in the message:

He wrote on Twitter:

"Found this in the ocean today, still works and this is the last picture taken on it from 4 years ago. @GoPro how can we get a reunion with the original owner?"

He wasn't sure what to expect as there's a lot of noise out there on the internet and you never know what people see or don't see. The makers of GoPro, however, didn't ignore his @ to them and retweeted Jeffrey's tweet of the lost camera.

gopro tweet jeff heim.png

Between GoPro's tweet and Jeff's original one, it got re-tweeted almost 10k times. which turns out to be the magic number, as two days after Jeff's original tweet went out... 

It reached the original owners of the GoPro camera.

gopro owners found!.png

They sent Jeff a message saying that they lost the GoPro in Venice while paddle boarding earlier in the year. So, It turns out the only thing off about the camera was its time stamp. This is a great example of the kind of positive impact social media can have when it's used in the right way.