Digital Video of the Day: Extreme Unicycling in Moab

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.26.58 PM.png
While we've had a busy week here at Steve's Digicams, thanks to all the new camera announcements from Fujifilm and Apple, but it's important to take a break everyone once in a while remember how much fun we all have when actually testing and using our gear.

Case in point, GoPro cameras are not only easy to use and have turned an entire generation into filmmakers, but these sturdy little video cams can turn virtually any sport into an EXTREME! sport. 

What's that? I'm hyperbolically exaggerating? Never!

Unicycling. Not an easy task under normal circumstance for those of us who no sense of balance, but it's pretty safe... until your name is John LeSage and you grab your GoPro, eighteen of your closest unicyclist buddies, and run out to Moab, Utah, to make one of the most heart-stopping videos I've seen in a while.

Ladies and gentlemen, Extreme Unicycling -- Caution! Do not watch with a heart condition: