Digital Home Compares Online Photo Book Services

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Reviews are the key to online shopping, but some things are easier to find reviews for than others.  Any solid product, like a digital camera, will have reviews all over the net.  Services that result in products, like photo books, are another matter.

Jason Dunn, of Digital Home, noticed this problem and decided to do something about it.  Over a six month period, Dunn created photo books on twelve different sites for the purpose of comparison.  His review is incredibly in depth and detailed and clocks in at over 15,000 words.  He talks about not only the final product, but the process of creating it.

Inkubook ended up being Dunn's preferred provider while others in his family liked AdoramaPix and Snapfish. So who's the best?  "There's no clear answer of who's best," writes Dunn. "Each company offers something different.  Even if you pick the top six from this review, all six will give you an excellent quality photo book."

You can find Dunn's full review including photos of the process and each finished project over at Digital Home.