Digital Outback Photo Releases New Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

Digital Outback's e-books teach you how to solve the digital workflow problems at hand and not just summarize what tools like Photoshop can do. All techniques are based on real world experiences as fine art photographers.

The new DOP2000 "Digital Photography Workflow Handbook" is a 360-page Adobe PDF document that covers: Photoshop CS workflow, Layer based workflow, Using Camera Raw 2.0, Capture One DSLR and Nikon Capture, Shadow/Highlight tool, Upsizing, dark/light halo and edge mask sharpening, it includes sharpening framework actions: Upsizing, dark/light halo and edge mask, B&W conversion techniques and Stitching in Photoshop.

The DOP2000 Digital Photography Workflow Handbook is downloadable for only .95 from: