Did You Know Photoshop Won't Let You Alter Currency?

Photoshop is great for editing photos of all types and seems almost limitless in scope. There's one thing that it absolutely won't do though, and that's alter money.

A user named TarBalldotGZ came up against the issue when he scanned in a hundred dollar bill to play around with. When a scanned bill is loaded into Photoshop a warning pops up saying "This application does not support the editing of banknote images."

The thread on Reddit is full of people that have had similar issues with scanners, printers and other programs. One user who works for HP says that this is a big issue for them as well. "We have to test scanner firmware to make sure that if a bill is scanned, the printer prints out a page that is a warning much the same."

Apparently some printers simply print out RulesForUse.org on an otherwise blank sheet of paper. Rules for Use is, as you might expect, a page with information on counterfeit deterrence.

(via PetaPixel)