Did You Know Kodak Used a 13 Month Calendar?

Kodak-calendar.jpgYou may know all about Kodak's cameras and Kodak's film, but how much do you know about the working environment at Kodak? Every company does things a bit differently from others, but Kodak took things a step further when it comes to calendars.

The company used what's called the International Fixed Calendar - a calendar that divides the year up into 13 months, each of which is 28 days long. The extra month is called Sol, and it pops up between June and July.

There are a few advantages to the calendar beyond the obvious congruency between months. Every day of the month will fall on the same date, for instance. The first Sunday will always be the first of the month and the last Saturday will always be the 28th, making it nice and easy to stay organized.

George Eastman made this the official Kodak calendar back in 1928, and it remained as such until 1989.

(via PetaPixel)