Did Nikon Just Reveal its New Mirrorless Camera?

(slightly altered image from Nikon's new video)

Did Nikon just tease their new rumored mirrorless camera? Maybe, but it's pretty hard to make out exactly what they teased. It could be a camera, or it could be a new sensor that they're showing off.

I took that image above from a teaser video that Nikon Europe published on Sunday July, 22nd. After a little help from cheap photo tricks, you can make out that it's definitely a camera and a lens. and it's hard to tell but if you look at that image it kind of looks like a Sony A7 camera body. It's almost the same thickness across the board like a Sony camera as there are no mirrors inside. It has that very angular rectangular shape of a Sony mirrorless camera.

It really could be a new sensor though too based on the teaser video.

The video starts in darkness with light passing through what looks like the front of a camera lens. The light gets brighter in brighter and is then focused and split as it goes into the next element in the lens. It then splits into all different colors as it hits the next lens element before hitting a sensor and becoming pixels, which then turn into an image on the back of a camera.

We dolly around the camera and the lens detaches and we get absorbed by the sensor that is now uninhibited by a bulky mirror so it can swallow us up whole.

There is a part in the video where the colored light bends at a 90 degree angle... now I feel like I'm over analyzing this video. It's light going through a camera to make the face of a woman, that's it.

Or is it.

The photography world is waiting with bated breath to see what Canon and Nikon do in the world of full-frame mirrorless cameras. Neither company currently makes a mirrorless camera that can compete with the ones from Sony, Fuji or Olympus.

The D850 is one of the best cameras ever made. Imagine if they put that technology into a smaller and lighter package? That's the exciting part of Nikon making a full frame mirrorless camera.

Whatever it is they're teasing, let's hope they reveal it in full soon. Full video below.