Did a Mistake At an Electronics Store Reveal the GoPro HERO 7?

(photo credit: AustinMittelstadt)

It's been rumored that GoPro was going to refresh their Hero camera line up at the end of the month. That rumor took was almost undoubtably confirmed when photos of the Hero 7 appeared at the beginning of the month on Reddit. These weren't leaks like a developer leaving a new Hero in a cab or because of corporate espionage, these were leaks because of advertising. It looks like a display at a box store like Best Buy was already cycling through new images of the GoPro HERO 7.

Based on the adds it looks like there are two versions of the HERO 7 with one having a front facing screen in addition to the rear screen and one only having a rear screen. The one with the front facing screen also looks to have a larger body and camera and it closely resembles the HERO 6 black. Perhaps the others are a newer cheaper GoPro made to keep the company relevant as more and more cheaper adventure cameras are released from competitors.

hero7 AM.jpg
(photo credit: AustinMittelstadt)

Like all the recent GoPros the display shows that the camera is waterproof to 33feet deep and it has image stabilization. It also shows that it comes in three colors, white, silver, and black.

This happens more often than it should. Usually, it's because someone publishes a printed with the new product before it should be leaked to the public. But even if you control the information yourself like Apple does, there can still be unintentional leaks like there was for the new iPhone X series. They're in complete control of when things are published to their website and yet, information still got published early.

The leaked images of the new GoPros was of a television with digital images. Which could easily be preventable as you just don't send out any data until the product is announced. But the Apple leak just proved that even that isn't a flawless system.

However it got out there, we're still looking forward to the new GoPro Hero 7 as GoPro makes some fantastic little cameras.