Detu MAX is The First 3D 8K 360 degree VR Camera... With an AI Chip

detu max.png
VR cameras are not going away. In fact, they're only going to get better and cheaper enabling everyone to make content. Kickstarter has allowed upstart companies to realize their dreams of competing with big tech companies. Creating products like the Pebble that gave consumers what they wanted years before Apple and Samsung could. 

Detu is hoping to be one of those upstart companies with their new Detu MAX. It's an 8K 3D VR video camera that can take 12K stills and is the world's first 3D 360° VR camera with an AI chip in it. According to their press release:

"The AI chip enables real-time face tracking to capture realistic 3D portraits. The deep learning algorithm also selects and stitches together the videos and images inside the camera - without the need for a PC."

detu object tracking.gif

Auto-stitching inside the camera is not new, but it has bigger implications on the market than most people realize. This camera has wifi and you can live stream straight from the MAX without having to stitch. Live streaming VR events could be the gateway to getting VR over the hump to something everyone has in their house. Imagine someone live-streaming a film premiere and you're able to experience walking through a crowd of your favorite celebrities from the comfort of your own home.

DETU MAX how it sees.jpg

Detu claims that this is the only 3D camera that can capture images of perfect clarity from a distance of 1 meter whereas every other camera on the market can only take an image from 3 meters away. The cameras are also biometrically spaced to see the world in the same way that humans do. 

Camera Specs

  • 360 photos - 11520x5760 (12K) (real-time stitching or post-processing stitching)
    • 7680x3840 (8K) (real-time stitching or post-processing stitching)
  • 360 videos - [email protected] (8K) (post-processing stitching)
  • H.265/H.264 video coding
  • 360 3D photos - 7680x7680 (2x8K) (post-processing stitching)
    • 3840x3840 (2x4K) (real-time stitching)
  • 360 3D videos - [email protected] (2x8K) (post-processing stitching)
  • 360 3D photos - 7680x7680 (2x8K) (post-processing stitching)
    • 3840x3840 (2x4K) (real-time stitching)
  • [email protected] (2x4K) (real-time stitching/live-streaming)
  • Photo format: RAW, JPG
  • Video format: MP4
  • Lens - F2.2 195° x 195° fisheye lens x 8
  • HDR - Sensor HDR and digital HDR
  • Stabilization - 6-axis anti-shaking (real-time and post-processing)
  • ISO - 100-6400
  • White Balance - Auto and manual (2500K-10000K)
  • Shutter Speed - 1/8000-1/2 (For photo)
  • Built-in mic x 4, AUX
  • SD card x 2
  • HDMI (for the output of [email protected] stitched footage and real-time preview)
  • RJ45 Ethernet interface (stable cable communication for live-streaming)
  • Micro USB (for high speed file transfer and 4G module)
  • WiFi (for AP hotspot connection)
  • Battery - 4800mAh removable battery
  • 12V 5A DC adapter

  • Live-streaming
    • 3D up to 4K @ 20fps,  
    • 2D up to 4K @ 30fps,
    • 2D on any 360-supporting platform, including Facebook and YouTube

Check out Detu's Kickstarter page to see more for yourself, but be warned, it all sounds amazing and looks great, but it's still a Kickstarter project right now, and there's always a risk to investing in something on crowdfunding.