Delkin Announces New Class 10 SDHC Memory Cards

Delkin's new SDHC cards were created with two things in mind - storage space and speed.  With sizes ranging from 4GB on up to 32GB, they've got storage covered pretty well for most users.

On the speed side of things Delkin's cards exceed the SD Association's requirements for data rate.  They offer a 24MB per second read speed and a 17MB per second write speed.  At speeds like that, high resolution photos and high definition videos are no problem at all.

HD shooting is the main reason for increased speeds, according to Delkin's Tom Roberson.  "Viewing and recording in high definition is increasingly more popular," he says.  "The advanced speeds of our cards help photographers and videographers maximize their equipment capabilities"

You can pick up Delkin's new cards at a price of $39.99 for 4GB, $69.99 for 8GB, $119.99 for 16GB and 219.99 for 32GB.