Delkin Announces a 700X Compact Flash Card Made in the U.S.

Delkin-Made-in-USA.jpgThe latest cards from Delkin are all about giving performance to photographers and cinematographers that need it, but there's more to them than just performance. Unlike most cards, they're made in the U.S.A.

The new cards were engineered and built in Poway, California and feature, as Delkin puts it, "carefully controlled components and design." In addition to U.S. based manufacturing, you'll get U.S. based tech support.

Delkin's 700X cards have max transfer rates of 105MB/s and write at 67MB/s. The cards ship out today in sized of 16BG ($54.99), 32GB ($99.99) and 64GB ($224.99). Visit Delkin's website for more details.