DDI Software Releases Profile Prism 4.0

Mike Chaney emailed to let me know that he had just released Profile Prism v4.0 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP users. Profile Prism is software that allows monitor calibration and can generate ICC profiles for digital cameras, scanners, and printers using a 5x7 reflective color target with a matte surface. Resulting color profiles may be used in any ICC aware application such as Qimage Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, and many others. The software is designed for a PC running any 32 bit Windows operating system, however, it can be run on a Mac running Virtual PC. In addition, since the ICC profiles generated by Profile Prism are 100% compliant with ICC specs, the profiles themselves may be used on any platform (PC, Mac, etc.).

Version 4.0 features a quantum leap in printer profile accuracy and consistency. Printer profiling: v4.0 uses an all new 9,261 color patch printer target and completely redesigned printer profiling code to generate profiles unmatched in quality and accuracy. The new color target and associated algorithms provide a dramatic breakthrough in profile accuracy and consistency across different printers/papers/inks. In addition to allowing profiling of Epson printers in their true raw output mode (no color adjustment), v4.0 also eliminates "yellow cast" issues reported by users of older versions who were using Canon printers. Existing users should check the "release notes" section of the program help since there have been significant changes in recommended print driver settings, scanner settings, target evaluation, etc. Faster: The large range of printed color patches has eliminated the need to "interpolate" data across the color gamut and has also reduced profile generation time as a result. Profile Prism v4.0 is up to 30% faster at generating printer profiles.