Datacolor Announces Their Latest Color Calibration Device, the Spyder5Capture PRO

Last week, Datacolor released their new Spyder5Capture PRO color calibration system. If you're not familiar with Datacolor, they offer some of the best color calibration devices on the market for setting up not only your display(s), but also for obtaining accurate white balance on your camera, as well as adjusting the auto focus on your DSLR. We here at Steve's have been using Datacolor's Spyder devices for years to keep our monitors properly calibrated.

Spyder5CapturePro-Main-Image-White-Background-450.jpgThe new Spyder5Capture PRO system includes the following devices:
  • Spyder5ELITE display calibration device
  • SpyderCUBE white balance and black level tool
  • SpyderLENSCAL camera autofocus adjustment tool
  • SpyderCHECKR scene color correction tool

This "ultimate bundle" is being offered at an introductory price of just $269.99 (about 27% off retail) until September 30th, 2016. Pricing will then rise to the MSRP of $369.99.

To learn more, and to order yours today, visit the Datacolor website.