CyPhy Works Launches Kickstarter Campaign for LVL 1 Aerial Photography Drone

cyphy_LVL1.jpgWe at Steve's Digicams have noticed a growing trend, where more photographers are using drones for aerial photography, with prices continuing to fall for models with more features.

Now, a company known as CyPhy Works is aiming to make drone photography easier for more consumers to afford, with advances in technology that make them easier to fly, and share the images and videos captured with others.  They want to create a new drone called the CyPhy LVL 1 that you can capture life with from a different perspective, going places that you normally could not reach.

So, CyPhy Works has started a new Kickstarter Campaign for the CyPhy LVL 1, with a goal to raise $250,000 to bring this new drone to market, with an estimated delivery date of February 2016.

CyPhy Works says this new drone will use Level-Up technology to eliminate the tilt issues other drones can have, which can cause flying to be more difficult. This will make controlling the LVL1 easier since as it becomes an extension of your hand using using a SmartPhone application to control it; while viewing the video it's capturing on screen at the same time.  

The LVL 1 will also include a feature known as "geo-fence", where you can define the area you want the drone to stay in, as well as setting a maximum and minimum altitude. That should make it easier to learn to fly, by keeping it within defined boundaries; a feature we have already seen on drones from DJI, etc.

They also plan to incorporate features to allow sending of content in real-time to social media.  That way, you can share your photos and videos while flying, uploading to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or other social media platforms. 

See more about the CyPhy Works LV-1 on it's Kickstarter Campaign page here: