CyberLink Launches MediaShow 6 for Organizing and Sharing Photos and Videos

Cyberlink_mediashow6.gifMediaShow 6 is all about sharing and organizing your photos and videos with minimum hassle. Using FaceMe, you can pick out people by their faces for easy sorting of who is in them. You can use the same sorting tool to automatically tag photos that you upload to Facebook. A calendar view lets you search by when photos were taken and there's even a new user interface that plays nice with touchscreen displays.

MediaShow 6 gives you the ability to apply quick edits to your photos and videos and fine tune both 2D and 3D video and photo imperfections. It also gives you the ability to upload directly to Flickr, YouTube and Facebook and even retrieve your friends photos and videos.

"MediaShow 6 is the ideal solution," says Cyberlink CEO Alice H. Chang, "for people who take a lot of photos and videos but don't have either the time or the know-how to keep them all in a meaningful order and quickly enhance and share them with others."

MediaShow is now available in Deluxe ($49) and Ultra ($69) versions directly from CyberLink.