Custom SLR Announces the M-Plate Mini Quick Release Tripod Plate

M-Plate.jpgThe folks at Custom SLR are all about making products that go above and beyond. The new M-Plate Mini is fine example of that. Most tripod plates have a single use - they connect to your tripod. The M-Plate Mini, however, offers a modular design that allows it to be used with a variety of other products already out and on the way from Custom SLR.

The M-Plate Mini is designed to work with Arca-Swiss and ManfrottoTM RC2 tripod and head systems and will be available next month at a price of $49.95. Currently, Custom SLR only has a few accessories that tie in to the M-Plate Mini, but CEO Ivan Wong says that more are on the way in the next few months.

Check out their website for more details.