Custom Point-and-Shoot Grip Released for S90

S90 Grip.jpg
If you're a fan of point-and-shoot cameras, you've probably run into the grip problem.  The Canon S90 is a perfect example. It's a great camera, but it's got the classic point-and-shoot bar shape.  It's a rectangle with buttons on it.  The S90 is great to look at, and it's wonderful in use, but for some it's just not comfortable to hold.

Lensmate has announced the availability of the newest Richard Franiecs grip.  His most recent creation is a custom attachment for the Canon S90.

The grip sits lower than the lens - it doesn't add any depth to take away from portability - and it adds a much more ergonomic surface with which to hold your camera.  It's a CNC machined piece of aluminium that's been glass-bead blasted, black anodized and nickel sealed for durability and, well, because it looks really good.

The grip attaches simply.  A very high bond (VHB) transfer film holds the grip on, but also allows it to be removed without causing any harm to the camera or leaving sticky residue.  You can pick up the new S90 grip directly from Lensmate online.