Crumpler Announces C-List Celebrity Photo Bag

Whether you're living in a big city or a sparse farmland, you've probably had to go off the beaten path to get the shot you want.  Whether you're biking down a busy road or walking down a little used trail, it's important to make sure you're visible to anyone coming up behind you.

Crumpler's new C-List bag was built with that in mind. Riders and walkers will both benefit from a pair of reflective strips and an included rain cover.

Primarily though, Crumpler wanted to make a large but comfortable bag that's just for photographers.  It's got zipper gusseted pockets for quick lens changes and includes a removable tripod compartment.  There's even a fully customizable organizer to meet your needs, whatever they are.

The C-List directs weight towards the hips, rather than leaving it all on the shoulders. It's also got plenty of padding where it counts and spine channels which direct air towards your back to keep you cool even while carrying your kit.

You can get the C-List in a variety of sizes, and fits a wide range of laptops in addition to photo gear.  Lindsay Cousley, president of Crumpler US, is confident that their C-List is the largest bag you'll ever need.  As she puts it, "You can't out-big our biggest."