CreativeLIVE Launches Free Online Photography Courses

It's not hard to find photography courses online, but generally, they're going to cost you.  CreativeLIVE has a new approach to the whole thing.

They're hosting a series of free courses, which range from five to twelve weeks.  Simply register for the event, log in and watch live.  You can even jump into chat and ask the instructors questions during the class.  They've got courses on everything from the fundamentals of digital photography to Adobe CS5 and there are even courses on non-photographic art.

If you don't get the chance to catch the classes live, you can go back and watch old content, but it'll cost you.  If you want a class that's already over, you'll have to shell out for a download.  Only two courses have completed so far, and pricing is evening out at around $8 a session.  The 10 week fundamentals course runs $80 while the 5 week Photoshop to HTML course runs $40.

You can find a full schedule of courses and participate in classes at