Create a Massive Softbox with Bed Sheets and PVC Pipe

DIY Softbox.jpgWe've all been there. We see something amazing while we're browsing our favorite photography website or flipping through a catalog and we think "if only I could justify this purchase." Let's face it, as cool as some of the gear out there is, most of us only have so much room in the budget.

Photographer David DiCarlo fell in love with the Lastolite HiLite white background, but couldn't bring himself to shell out the $475 that it costs. Instead of sitting around and lusting after the background, he decided to go ahead and make his own.

You'll need some time to put it together, but the project isn't horribly difficult to complete. It uses a good amount of PVC pipe, a pair of king size fitted sheets and, of course, lights to go behind it. In all, David estimates a cost of around $70 for the pipes and the sheets.

You can find sample photos of the softbox and full instructions on how to make it over on DIY Photography.