Craftsman Launches Photo Competition - Yes, Craftsman


When most people think of photography, they think of landscapes, architecture and portraits.  They might think about the technical side and associate cameras with batteries, lenses and tripods.  But Craftsman wants you to start thinking about something else - tools.

The focus for the contest is on creativity and, of course, fitting the theme of "Trust in Your Hands."  The photo should reflect the quality of Craftsman tools and be unique enough to grab attention.  In all there will be ten winners who will each receive a Craftsman C3 tool package valued at $750.

The contest is underway now and runs until July 2nd.  Unlike most photo contest, you'll be entering through Twitter.  It's a little unconventional, but on the plus side, you can scope out the competition before entering.

To enter, send a tweet to @CraftsmanClub including the text "Look how I put #trust in my hands" and followed by a link to your entry. And of course, you can visit the Craftsman website for the Official Contest Rules.