Corel Debuts PaintShop Photo Pro X3

As consumers have embraced DSLR cameras, so have companies providing camera solutions, such as Corel. Their new release - PaintShop Photo Pro X3 - was made with DSLR users in mind.

"Photo enthusiasts are taking advantage of the amazing quality and power of today's DSLR cameras," said Corel senior product manager Craig Copley. "They need workflow and editing tools that were previously only available in professional photo applications." To that end, Corel has introduces an array of new features.

To start with, there's an all new Organizer. You'll be able to tag and rate images and even do quick touch ups right from the Organizer screen. Additionally, you'll be able to do quick conversions of RAW image files to other formats.

Multi-photo adjustment tools mean that you'll be able to capture the changes you made to one image and apply them to other images simply. This could make large editing jobs a lot easier.

Corel has also added a RAW lab with support for over three hundred and fifty different RAW formats. It lets users adjust settings like white balance, exposure and brightness before processing, and you can use the multi-photo adjustment tool with them too.

The full version of Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 will sell for $99.99, while the upgrade runs $79.99.