Corel Buys the Roxio Product Line from Rovi

Earlier this month we reported on Corel's purchase of Bibble and it seems that they're not planning to stop there. Corel has announced that they'll be picking up the entire Roxio product line from Rovi as well.

The deal, which is expected to close this February, will change over Roxio Creator, Roxio Toast and other prominent titles in the Roxio line over to Corel. This will give Corel a broader software portfolio, including video, audio and disc burning techs more commonly associated with Roxio.

"On the digital media side, we will have a full blown multimedia suite and a new offering on the Mac platform," says Corel global marketing VP Shawn Cadeau. "For WinZip, we will be able to further expand our suite of tools, with new data protection and security software."