Control Your DSLR with a Nintendo DS

This may be the single most interesting community driven DIY projects we have seen this year.  The Open Camera Controller (OCC) is a fully customizable and programmable interface that allows for an all new type of freedom.

According to the folks over at HDR Labs who created the OCC, the project was based on a specific goal, rather than just to see if they could do it.  "The OCC project arose from our need to shoot HDR images for film production using Canon cameras."

It's not an easy project, but with some wiring and the sacrifice of a few pieces of electronics, you can have a camera controller that allows for motion sensing, timelapse photography, and even sound activated shooting.

The Nintendo DS makes the perfect device, according to HDR Labs.  It's got a great battery life, a color touchscreen, and it fits nicely in a pocket.  You can find full assembly instructions, usage tutorials and shooting advice over at HDR Labs.