Control Photo Galleries with Your Webcam Thanks to Nikon and MRM

Nikon has unveiled a new online tool called the Nikon Touch Experience.  It's a simple program and though it's got limited functionality, it provides an interesting way to browse through photos.

If you've got a webcam enabled computer, you can head on over to and simply drag the shortcut to your web browser.  It's a fully web based program, so there's no installation needed.

Once you've got the Nikon Touch Experience enabled, you can jump on over to your favorite photo sharing site - or Nikon's sample page - and give it a whirl.  Rather than using your mouse or keyboard to navigate through galleries, you'll use your hands.

Navigation works similarly to the iPod's photo browsing functions.   Slide your finger right to move right, and slide it left to move left.   To zoom, pinch your fingers together or spread them apart. 

While it may not be the most practical feature, it might be a fun way to show off your photography to your friends, or a nice way to present a slideshow.