Concord Keystone Introduces new Smartphone Waterproof Cases

Waterproof.jpgWhen you're hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, you may not want to take your fancy DSLR with you. You definitely don't want to take it when you're getting into the water, surfing or rafting, but it'd be a shame not to get pictures. That's where a smartphone comes in handy. Take the compact device along with you and get passable pictures without having to worry about trying to manage a larger camera while doing other things.

Concord Keystone has just released a pair of waterproof cases designed to keep your phone nice and dry no matter what conditions you subject it to. The TIDE and WAVE both allow touchscreen functionality and protect your phone from sand, dirt, water and snow. They're waterproof down to 20 feet and even come with a neck strap and floating yellow lanyard so your gear will be easy to find if it comes off of your neck.

The TIDE and WAVE are compatible with different sets of phones, with the TIDE leaning more towards HTC and Samsung and the WAVE supporting the iPhone and LG smartphones.

Concord Keystone