Comparing the Picture Quality of Four Different DIY Macro Solutions

DIY Macro.jpgIf you're looking for a brand new lens for your camera, you have access to plenty of resources. You can read reviews, ask for some testimonials on forums and compare shots of different lenses side-by-side. DIY projects don't usually provide that option.

A photographer that goes by the name Terapixel took a few of the DIY macro solutions he's been playing around with and took shots of the same subject, giving a good comparison of a few popular options. "I don't own a dedicated macro lens," says Terapixel, "but I'm still happy with the results."

Of the four, he prefers a Fujinon 50mm industrial lens with second place going to a Nikkor 35-70. You can check out the full comments and the comparison shots here.

(via DIY Photography)