Compact Flash 5.0 Cards Could Store Avatar's Digital Effects 100 Times Over

CF Cards.jpg
The Compact Flash Association have announced the CF5.0 specification for new cards and the details leave the mouth watering and the mind wandering.  

There are quite a few features that really only matter to manufacturers, such as easier to design cards and some simplification in host recognition.  The most exciting point from a user aspect though, is without a doubt the 48-bit addressing.

By making 48-bit addressing mandatory, CF 5.0 cards will surge beyond the current 137GB storage limit.  They can even pass the terabyte limit.  Theoretically, CF 5.0 cards will be able to reach 144 petabytes.  That's 144 million gigabytes.

For a sense of scale, consider that Avatar's digital effects took up a full petabyte of storage at Weta Digital.  The entirety of World of Warcraft's storage is a bit more, at 1.2 petabytes.  One of the world's largest torrent trackers, Isohunt, has an index of around 10 petabytes. 

Speed could be kicked up severely too.  Rather than transferring data 128KB per second, the new cards will be able to transfer up to 32MB/s.