Cokin's New Lens Filters Are the World's Thinnest

Cokin-pure-harmoniea.jpgThe folks at Cokin have created a new line of lens filters dubbed Pure Harmonie, and they boast the World's thinnest form factor. The thinness of the filter cuts down on potential for flares and vignetting.

The tiniest of their lineup is the UV filter which comes in at just 3.3mm thick. Not much larger than that is the 4.5mm thick polarizing filter that Cokin says is also the best in its category. Finally there's a variable density neutral gray filter what's 9.5mm thick and goes from ND2 to ND400.

All of the Pure Harmonie filters are available now. Pricing starts at around $50 for the UV filter and scales up from there. Visit Cokin's website for more details.

(via PetaPixel)