Clicks for Cancer Fundraiser Launches October 7th

Clicks-for-cancer-colorado.jpgPhotography makes a difference in people's lives in a variety of ways, whether it's holding onto memories, inspiring us to do something, educating people, or even earning us a bit of cash. Elevate Photography's Clicks for Cancer fundraiser aims to make a difference too, in the lives of children living with pediatric cancer.

The fundraiser, being held in Littleton, Colorado, is giving you a 15 minute portrait session with a photographer for your donation of $50.  Those participating will get to pick their favorite photo for a free 8x10 and order more prints if they like.  The money from the additional orders will get donated too.

Those of us not living in Littleton can take this as inspiration to do something similar, or simply donate our time and share our hobby with those in need.

For more info, visit Elevate Photography's website.