CineSquid Combines GorillaPod Flexibility with Heavy Duty Suction Cup Stability

CineSquid.jpgThere are some shots that you just can't get without some very special high-tech rigs, but CineSquid is helping to expand what you can do on the cheap.

The CineSquid system comes with a GorillaPod and a BallHead X mount, but what really makes it special is the heavy duty suction cups that do more than you might expect. They aren't relegated to windows - they can attach to multi-leveled and contoured surfaces, giving you grip even where you least expect it.

If you already own CineSkates - the company's previous venture - you can simply swap the cups in and out. "We're encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive support from our community of users to create a simple, interchangeable system that replaces their bulky gear," says founder Justin Jensem.

The CineSquid can hold up to five pounds and each order includes the CineSquid itself, a GorillaPod, BallHead X mount and a case. You can preorder the CineSquid now for $235. Shipping starts in April.