Christoph Martin's Astrophotography Time Lapse Shot on Nikon dSLRs

We recently covered two fantastic dSLR time lapse videos created by TSO Photography (here and here) using Canon cameras.  Today, Nikon fans, we have another fun time lapse created by Austria's Christoph Martin, who utilizes Nikon dSLRS.  Personally, it's hard to match the shear (and literal) awesomeness of the remote wilderness locations captured in the TSO time lapses, but Martin comes pretty close by combing impressive mountain ranges, endless starscapes, and the night lights of a city with Sound Garden's grunge anthem, Black Hole Sun.  My favorite sections (pictured) feature a dark, Gothic church silhouetted against the stars.  The perspective and shadows make the imagery seem simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.

The video, which has already been featured on National Geographic News, was followed up with a guest post over at Nikon Rumors explaining how Martin became a fan of astrophotography as well as a behind the scenes look as to how this video was made:

"I have taken all footage with Nikons D700 (my astro-favorite), D300, some footage with D3x just to test and just recently I added a D7000 to my setup. I like the D7000 a lot as it is super fast, lightweight, has a very good noise-to-signal behaviour and a crop which is useful for deep space astrophotography. It also has far better battery life than the D700."

In addition to his stable of Nikons which capture huge batches of NEF raw images (sometimes as many as 3500 shots per session), Martin uses a Dynamic Perceptions Stage Zero Dolly (along with "additional 3D heads"), and Mac hardware for his post processing and editing.  Read more over at Nikon Rumors, and here's Christoph Martin's time lapse:

Black Hole Sun - Astronomic Mountain Landscape TimeLapse from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

If any of our awesome Steve's readers has his or her own dSLR-created Time Lapse Video, please share on our Facebook page.  And, if you're interested in learning more about the cameras Christoph Martin used to create his time lapse, be sure to read our Steve's reviews for the Nikon D700D300, and D7000.