CheesyCam Announces a New Miniature DSLR Dolly

One of the cool advantages of taking video with a cell phone, point-and-shoot camera or DSLR is that gear is fairly easy to make, and cheap to buy. You don't have to shell out thousands for a rig - you can of course, but you don't need to.

The new Pico Flex Table Dolly from CheesyCam is nice and small, high quality and, of course, inexpensive. It's based on a four wheel, two axle design and it allows you to mount a normal sized fluid head while still supporting a regular size DSLR or GoPro 3D like shown in the photo to the right.

You can pick up the dolly on its own for just $65. If you want to pick up an 11 inch friction arm to go along with it, the total comes to $90. You can get yours from Photography and Cinema.