Check out our new Photo Blog, Steve's Darkroom!

steves-darkroom.pngWe are excited to launch a new content area on Steve's Digicams, specifically designed to feature amazing photography that we have found around the Internet.

Paying homage to the days of film development in darkrooms, Steve's Darkroom is a photo blog where we will be featuring popular photo sets that are making the rounds on the Web as well as interviews with different types of professional photographers.

In addition, we will be using the blog to provide additional value to our camera reviews, usually to feature some early shots with new cameras / smartphones that are in high demand. (Be sure to check the blog later this week, *cough* Nikon D750 *cough*.)

We are starting off with 10+ blog posts today and we will certainly be growing the photo blog over time. We may also roll out reviews of some photo related products that don't necessarily fit in a specific area on Steve's Digicams. 

If you would like to be featured on Steve's Darkroom, please read more about that process here. We would love to help you promote your business if you are a professional photographer or just feature your work if photography is your favorite hobby. 

We welcome you to check out Steve's Darkroom and share any posts that you find particularly interesting. Please leave us some comments on the blog as well. Enjoy!