Check Out Our Latest Review: Nikon D7500 DSLR

Nikon D7500 no lens-thumb-540x399-32581.jpg
Nikon is celebrating its 100th Anniversary with the release of two new fantastic DSLRs, the D850 and the D7500. The D850 is more for enthusiasts and pros, and our full review will be up later this week, but for today we're excited to share our thoughts on the much more affordable D7500, which we've come to think of as a baby D500 (one of last year's BEST overall cameras).

For about $800 less than a D500, the D7500 gives you the D500's image sensor along with a 51-point AF system, 4K video recording, and large 3.2" tilting touchscreen, 8fps burst shooting model, weather sealing, access to all the great NIKKOR glass, and a smaller, lighter body that's easy to shoot with all day long.

Yes, it's missing a few of the bells and whistles, but if you're looking to make the jump to an interchangeable lens system and you want a camera with a great sensor that can shoot sports and action as well as it shoots portraits and landscapes, then run-don't-walk to click on our --