Check Out Our Latest How To Guide: How to Make a GIF

We have a fantastic new and easy tutorial for you today over in our Knowledge Center...

If you're on social media at all, you see things like memes and GIFs every single day. For those less aware, a GIF -- aka Graphics Interchange Format -- is, generally speaking, a low-resolution movie file made up of still images that animate on a continuous lope. For the most part, GIFs are nostalgic remixes of old movies and TV shows that are used to make jokes, references, and communicate emotions.

As photographers, we can also use GIFs to bring our photos to life in dramatic ways.

For most people, they only use GIFs created by others, which is fun for a quick joke, but if you really want to step up your GIF game, you need to make them yourself, which is super easy to do thanks to apps like Adobe Photoshop.

So click on over to our fun GIF-making tutorial --