Check out John Chiara's Trailer-Sized Camera

Trailer Cam.jpg

Thanks to the internet, we've seen cameras small and large.  This one - created and used by San Francisco based photographer John Chiara - takes the cake.  It's absolutely ridiculously big.

In order to take a photo with this massive camera, John needs to load it onto a trailer and haul it behind his car.  Once he gets to the shooting location, there's a bit of setup.  If he wants to tilt the camera, for example, he's got to stick a car jack under the trailer and lift it.

When the camera's in position, Chiara has to crawl inside it, load the film, and check the focus.  It's a bit of a process, he admits in a documentary that can be found on YouTube.  "I've made photography about as labor intensive as it can be," he jokes.