Ceiva PicShareBowl Contest Pitts Colts Fans Against Saints Fans

Photography contests all seem to share similar shooting themes.  Usually, they ask for landscapes or animal photographs, and there's an implication that serenity and beauty are the focus.  Ceiva's new contest takes it in the other direction.

They're looking for your best team-spirited football photos.  Whether you've got a great shot of a fantastic New Orlean's dish, a particularly impressive Colts celebration, or simply a nice photo of your friends and family enjoying the game, you're welcome to enter it.

This is a contest with a twist.  The PicShareBowl is part photo contest, part fan competition.  The grand prize will go to the best photo supporting the team with the most entries.  The best photo from the less popular team will get the runner-up prize.

The grand prize is a pair of Ceiva's connected digital photo frames as well as two years of service.  The runner up gets a single frame and only one year of service. More information can be found on the PicShareBowl website.