Casio is Making a Selfie Cam

Casio selfie camera.png

Casio is trying to get you to stop taking selfies with your phone and do it with the latest addition to its EXILIM line, the EX-ZR5100,.

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Now, here's the odd thing about this camera. It seems they're only making it for women. Not because it has a highly customizable makeup function, that's something that already exists in their EX-TR80, but because this is how they describe the camera on their website:

"The make-up function has evolved even further to provide images portraying the ideal beauty of the skin that women seek, together with the desired skin tone and smoothness. Make-up effects that not only provides a brightness to the skin but also a fresh, vivacious tint to express smooth and natural beauty has been achieved. Features that are three-dimensionally defined with great clarity ensure images that portray the true charm of women."

That's too bad because it has a 3.0-inch full tilt display along with a front shutter and a super wide 19mm lens with a high-performance filter that enables stunning wide shots that Casio says "Put yourself in front of dynamic scenery and shoot stunning selfies by hand. It can even beautify your face and legs." 

How can you argue against a product that promises to beautify your legs without you having to do a single squeeze on a ThighMaster?

With the rise in quality of smartphone cameras, the point and shoot manufacturers are going to have to take steps to make themselves relevant, and Casio's steps are towards vanity. They're basically saying why take your selfies on your phone when you can look better with our camera? It has HDR, Vivid, the aforementioned Make-up mode and Blurred background. This helps you stand out in your wide angle selfie... by blurring the background. 

The camera can even wirelessly transfer the photos you take instantly to your phone if you so desire. I'm guessing so you can post them online immediately and show everyone how great your artificially beautified legs look against a blurred out Washington Monument. 

I do find it odd that Casio specifically focuses on Women's vanity with this camera, as selfies are a genderless crime. All they'd have to add is a waxed eyebrow mode and this thing would sell itself. 

Here are the main specs if you wanted to use this camera to take pictures of other things besides yourself. 

  • 12.1 Megapixels
  • Optical Zoom: 5x
  • Battery Life Approx. 430 still Images
  • 3.0-Inch Super Clear LCD
  • 19mm Wide-angle Lens
  • Shooting Interval 0.22s
  • ExilimEngineHs3
  • Wireless Lan function

Source: Casio