Carson Clark - Award Winning International Nature Photographer and Fourth Grader

Carson Clark.jpg
For a lot of us, finding our niche in the world is a difficult and time consuming process.  It's tough to find an area where you can really excel.  But we all know the people who figured it all out when they were young.  "I've been playing piano since I was four," they say, and it shows.  Carson Clark is one of those people.

At age ten, he's already photographed over 50 species of animals and has won several photography contests.  The first was at age six, when he snapped a photo of a Monarch butterfly mid-flight.  "It just happened," said his father, Jim Clark. "He brought the camera over and had a huge smile on his face."

Since then he's been awarded prizes in several other competitions, including the Veolia Environment Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.  He's even written a children's book with the help of his father.

The secret to good photography, says Carson, is patience.  He and his father spent several days at Yellowstone just letting the local animals, called pikas, get a feel for them.  "After a couple of days, they would get used to you and let you take pictures," said Carson.