Carl Zeiss Launches New Filter Sizes

When new products get released we like to build up the excitement a bit and talk about how cool and interesting they are. New cameras, lenses and even bags are things that we can get really psyched about. These filters are, well, filters.

The folks over at Zeiss are bringing their UV filters and circular polarizers to folks who couldn't use them previously due to size issues. Starting this month you'll be able to get your hands on 52mm, 55mm, 62mm and 77mm filters. In January, you'll also be able to get 43mm and 46mm UV filters and a 95mm polarizer.

"The premium Carl Zeiss T UV and POL filters meet only the highest quality standards," says sales director Michael Schiehlen. "The filter threads and optics glasses are adjusted to the lenses from Carl Zeiss, but they are also compatible with lenses from other manufacturer."

Visit the Carl Zeiss website for more details about their lenses and filters.