Carl Zeiss Celebrates 120 Years of Lenses

If you use a Carl Zeiss lens, you're not alone.  Over the company's impressive 120 year span, they've supplied lenses for countless milestones in history.

Though the company has been in existence since 1846, it created its first camera lens in the year 1890.  Since then, Zeiss has created many memorable lenses and improvements still in use today.  The Tessar lens was a creation of the Zeiss company, as was anti-reflex coating. 
Though originally all lenses were created by hand, Zeiss lenses switched to computer aided design and production back in 1961.

Oscar award winning films such as Barry Lyndon, Slumdog Millionaire and the breathtaking Lord of the Rings trilogy were all shot on Zeiss lenses.  But that's not all.  One of the most iconic moments in American history - the 1969 moon landing - was shot with a Carl Zeiss lens.