Carl Zeiss Announces Winner of Digital Culture Photo Contest

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Netanel Hadad is the winter of the Carl Zeiss Digital Culture photo contest.  "The picture won because it deals with a tough topic beautifully and creatively," says photographer and contest judge Edith Held.  "The photographer plays with the details and thus renders the story into the image perfectly."

The stipulations of the contest were twofold.  The first is that all photos must be taken with a Carl Zeiss lens.  The second is that they - in some way - deal with our new digital culture and how inventions like the internet have changed human interaction.

Hadad's picture is of two people on a first date, but not in any traditional sense.  The couple is on a blind date through the internet.  Two laptops sit on a table to represent what would be a traditional first date setting.

Hadad says that the picture was inspired by his own personal experience.  ""I met my wife through the Internet," he says.  "Fortunately there are no geographic boundaries on the Web. Now I can finally capture how strongly the digital culture has influenced our lives."