Can't Pick Your Best Photos? Let SmileBooks Do it For You

So you're back from vacation and you went a little overboard on the picture taking.  You've got thousands of photos and no time to pick through them.   The newest site from CeWe will do that all for you.  Even better, for a limited time they'll do it for free.

With the new design service from SmileBooks, making a photo book of your vacation or special event couldn't be easier.  Simply jump on their site and tell them what you want.  You can pick the event type, the basic design style you'd like, and even the cover style.  Then upload your photos and they'll do the rest.

The folks at SmileBooks design service will then go through and pick your very best photographs from the ones you've uploaded and design a custom photo book for you.  Each book is unique, and according to the press release, SmileBooks never uses templates for design.

Once your book is complete, they'll send you a sample e-copy of the book for your review and critique.  If you want changes made, you'll be able to speak directly with the person who designed your book.  You can review until you're happy.

It's a pretty slick process, and the design and photo review services are free until Valentine's Day.  Normally, the 26 page books would have a $29.95 design fee and $9.95 photo selection fee attached.  The books themselves cost $29.95 for soft cover and $39.95 for hard cover, with an additional cost for going over 26 pages.