Canon's ME20F-SH Camera Allows National Geographic's 'Earth Live' Viewers to See in the Dark!

Earth Live, the two-hour live spinoff of Planet Earth featured a first for a nature show. Animals in full color, in the dark, in their own habitat... without any lights.

Up until now, naturalists and documentarians had to flood the area with infrared only to capture images like this leopard caught on the streets of Mumbai.

planet earth infrared.png
But now, with Canon's ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera and its full-frame 35mm sensor, that can capture up to 4 million ISO with 12-stops of dynamic range, it's possible to get images like this.

Yes, it's grainy, but that image was captured at night without a single light source in the middle of nowhere.

Their camera isn't cheap at $19,000 for just the body, but it clearly has something going for it that you can't buy in any other camera at any other price.

Source: CANON