Canon's Idea Mine Can Help Break You Out of That Rut

Canon-idea-mine.jpgIf you've ever had one of those "I just can't think of any interesting photo ops" kind of days, then Canon has something that might help.

The Idea Mine is a free iPhone app from Canon that's designed to help get you unstuck. It's designed to help inspire you to be creative by using ideas that you put into it yourself. Here's how it works.

Whenever you have an idea for a photograph, put it into Idea Mine. You'll add a location, subject, feeling and technique into the app for future use. Then, when you're not sure what you should go shoot, Idea Mine can randomize those ideas along with ideas from Canon's library to create a scene for you. If you like one part of the idea but not others, you can lock the one you like and randomize the rest.

The free Idea Mine app will be available from iTunes in time for the holidays.