Canon Vows to Support Apple AirPrint Moving Forward - Select Printers Get Update Now

AirPrint.jpgOne cool feature that Apple is baking into its new hardware is the ability to skip the wireless networking process altogether. AirPlay, for example, lets you wirelessly play music from your Apple device using any AirPlay enabled product.

AirPrint works similarly, but hasn't been getting as much excitement built around it since, up until now anyway, the only compatible printers were from HP. It's not that HP is bad, but a feature that only works on one brand of printer is casting a pretty small net.

Canon has just announced that its MG8220, MG6220 and MG5320 printers are all AirPrint compatible thanks to a firmware update. Even more interesting is that Canon says that the majority of its Pixma printers will be AirPrint capable from this point forward.

Visit Canon's website for more details.